Spyro Set To Return In Trilogy Remaster

The fondly remembered PlayStation classic, Spyro The Dragon is to be remastered this year and brought to PS4 gamers. The very welcome news comes almost two decades after the original arrival of the loveable purple dragon.

Spyro Set To Return In Trilogy Remaster
The news comes from Kotaku, claiming to have it on good authority from multiple reliable “sources”. Similar to last year’s Crash Bandicoot N’ Sane Trilogy, the return of Spyro will see a full remaster of Spyro The Dragon, Ripto’s Rage and Year of The Dragon. There will even be added content, intriguingly cut from the original titles. As for a release date, Kotaku reports the game will be officially announced sometime in March with a release window of Q3 2018.

Spyro Set To Return In Trilogy Remaster - The original dragon
Developed by the very same team that handled N’ Sane Trilogy, Vicarious Visions, bringing Spyro back in the wake of Crash’s success was clearly a smart move on the part of publisher, Activision. Those who have played N’ Sane Trilogy will know the revamped trilogy of Spyro games will be no pushover. Sources go on to explain Spyro’s adventures have been completely rebuilt from the ground up with a remastered soundtrack.

Activision’s plan is to first release the remastered Spyro Trilogy for PS4 and PS4 Pro, and later port the title to other platforms in the following year of 2019. For many Spyro fans around the world, the wait is almost over.

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