Splinter Cell Remake Announced – But It Seems Far Off

After an 8 year hiatus, Ubisoft has delivered some concrete new information on the core Splinter Cell series. A remake of the original Splinter Cell game is in the early stages of development at Ubisoft, but no specific timeframe information was provided.

Splinter Cell Remake Announced - But It Seems Far Off

The original 2008 Splinter Cell is being remade from scratch using Ubisoft’s Snowdrop Engine. This is the same engine used for The Division 2 and the upcoming Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. Due to sizable advancements in technology in the past decade, the developers felt the need to recreate the entirety of the project instead of going for a simple remaster. Developer Matt West stated directly that they aim to keep the linear design intact, instead of opting for the familiar open-world style of many modern Ubisoft releases. The goal is to keep the heart of what players loved about Sam Fisher’s journey while updating the more dated visuals and controls. Be sure to check out William Dare’s piece, What Makes A Good Remaster/Remake while you’re here.

The phrase “Stealth Action Redefined” from the original game has actually proven to be a really valuable North Star for us.

Anyone hoping to play this experience soon may not want to hold their breath, however. The announcement of this news also came with a recruitment call for Ubisoft Toronto — the studio tasked with this job. This indicates that the effort is still in its early stages. A number of programming positions are available for this project including multiple lead titles. 

Here is a video reminiscing on the success of the 2008 stealth classic.

Splinter Cell Remake: Stepping Out of the Shadows | Ubisoft [NA]

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