Splatoon 2 Pearl And Marina Amiibos Offer Costume Unlocks

Splatoon 2 players will soon be able to purchase brand-new amiibos for the game based upon the DJ sisters, Pearl and Marina. These will unlock several items for players that can be used in-game. They will also unlock options for certain minigames as well.

New Amiibos For Pearl And Marina Unlock Costumes And More!
Splatoon 2 has cemented itself as a worthwhile and truly engaging alternative to most shooter based online multiplayer games. This was accomplished of course in part with it's vibrant and well-designed characters featured within the game. Two of the games' standout characters, Pearl and Marina, are receiving their own Amiibos to help celebrate the success of the title.

It's been known for quite some time that these new figures would be releasing soon but nothing had come up yet detailing what their effect on the game would be once scanned in. According to a post from the Nintendo Twitter account(can be seen below) each figure will unlock new costumes based upon the character's appearance from the recently released Octo Expansion for single player. The post detailed the outfits for female characters but did not yet give info on whether there would be an unlock for male inklings or octolings also.

Along with unlocked outfits, players will also receive a new theme and sound effect for the Squid Beats minigame. These unlocks will appear in the game immediately after scanning the Amiibo in Inkopolis. These figures will cost approximately $24.99 and will come as a two-pack that releases this Friday, June 13th. The Octo Expansion is available now for all players to download for $19.99.

Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion Trailer - Nintendo Switch

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