Spiderman For PS4 Gets Brand New Trailer and 3rd DLC Suit

Insomniac has just released a brand new trailer for their upcoming take on SpiderMan. We get a ton more story in this one alongside more character reveals as well. The 3rd DLC outfit is shown off here as well which will launch alongside the game this fall.

SpiderMan PS4 gets a brand-new and exciting story trailer!
Marvel's SpiderMan for PS4 was one of the biggest games coming out of Sony's press conference this year at E3. Many would agree this game was their best game of show as well due to the bombastic and exciting gameplay trailer shown off during the event. The hype for the game is at an all time high and the newest trailer capitalizes on just that.

The trailer gives us a bit more info on what the core of the narrative will be within the game. Norman Osborn seems to be the primary villain who is somehow runningfor mayor of New York. He has decreed our web-slinging hero a menace and public enemy #1. Osborn has also employed the mercenary Silver Sable to take out Spidey once and for all.

Also shown briefly in the trailer are the other villains such as Mister Negative and Scorpion. We also learn Mary Jane is an investigative journalist for the Daily Bugle this time around. Her missions will revolve around stealth and getting information to help clear Spidey's name.

Also shown off in the trailer is Miles Morales. Many comic fans know he eventualy becomes the new Spiderman after the Ultimate version dies in his universe. Nothing has been shown about his role in the game other than being a student and offering scientific support to the team.

The new costume revealed is the Velocity Suit. It's a preorder bonus but players will also be able to unlock it amd all other DLC suits in game if they so choose. The game releases September 7th , 2018 for the Playstation 4. Watch the trailer below for even more footage and gameplay.

Marvel’s Spider-Man – SDCC 2018 Story Trailer | PS4

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