Spiderman adding two Fantastic Four themed outfits

Insomniac teased something related to the Fantastic Four coming to Marvel's Spiderman. It was revealed to be two outfits related to Fantastic Four, which are the Future Foundation along with the Bombastic Bag Man outfit. These costumes will be a part of the next update.

Spiderman adding two Fantastic Four themed outfits
Insomniac continues to support their blockbuster Spiderman game. Not long ago they teased something involving the iconic super hero group, the Fantastic Four, would be coming to the game. Their involvement is through two costumes that they're connected with, which will be added via new update to the game. One of the outfits is the Future Foundation outfit. This outfit was from a time not that long ago, when Spiderman joined the Fantastic Four, who wanted to re-invent their group and bring in new members. This was always a striking costume for the webhead, but it looks absolute stunning in the game's visuals and gives Spiderman somewhat of an Anti Venom look to him.

Spiderman adding two Fantastic Four themed outfits-Bombastic Bag Man
The second outfit is a more comical look, the Bombastic Bag Man suit. This is an older costume, when Spiderman had no suit on while in the Baxter Building, and used a bag with spider eyes drawn on, along with a spare Fantastic Four outfit. This update is a nice balance of a "cool" suit and "funny" addition, while tieing in Spiderman's times with the Fantastic Four. Insomniac will have a stream later today (January 28th), showing the costumes off and most likely giving a release date of the update while is patch 1.14.

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    Great game the DLC was a bit different wish they had used a different villain, but the costumes are a nice addition.


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