Spider-Man Remaster Will Feature Ultra Wide Monitor Support

Marvel's Spider-Man Remaster released on August 12th with a handful of updates including ultra-wide monitor support. It also boasts some tantalizing upgrades including ray-tracing and increased customizability for graphical fidelity.

Spider-Man Remaster Will Feature Ultra Wide Monitor Support Cover

Marvel’s Spider-Man remaster released on PC on August 12th. It features a slew of updates including ultra-wide monitor support.

Spider-Man released exclusively on PlayStation 4 back in 2018. Published by Insomniac Games, the game quickly became a hit. After just three days from launch, the game sold over 3.3 million copies–making it Sony’s fastest selling first party game to date (just beating God of War‘s 3.1 million).

Spider-Man has many fun features, but the most notable is probably Peter Parker’s classic ability to shoot webs from his hands. In game, players are able to freely traverse the city, spinning web after web, soaring above the streets of Manhattan below. 

Now, imagine if you could experience this web-slinging joyride on your ultra-wide monitor. Well, now you can! One of the features added to the game was support of ultra-wide monitors of various aspect ratios. 

“We initially planned support for 21:9,” says Julian Huijbregts, community manger at Nixxes Software, “and after some internal tests we decided to go even wider and add support for 32:9 screens and 48:9 for triple monitor setups. The game lends itself very well for that. Swinging through the streets of Marvel’s New York on an ultra-wide screen gives a whole different and more immersive feeling.”

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered – Launch Trailer I PC Games


For this Spider-Man remaster, both gameplay and cut scenes got a huge upgrade for ultra-wide support. But Lead Software Engineer, Coen Frauenfelder, reveals there were some challenges in the process:

“The big challenge is supporting it in cinematics that are specifically designed by artists to be viewed on 16:9 screens. Outside of that view area, lots of things are happening that need to be fixed. Characters can for example freeze or suddenly disappear.”

Lastly, Coen writes that their QA team worked tirelessly to observe every cut scene in ultra-wide mode and notate which scenes would need changing by the artists and engineers. 

Spider-Man Remastered released with a handful other other updates as well. One addition includes the addition of ray tracing for those with hardware to support it. Others include a slew of ways to customize your graphical fidelity with SSAO, shadows, texture filtering, and more. Lastly, there are unique perks for GeForce RTX gamers in the form of Deep Learning Anti Aliasing and Deep Learning Super Sampling. 

Spider-Man Remastered is available now exclusively on PC. Players can find it on Steam and in the Epic Store. 

SOURCE: PlayStation Blog

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