Spider-Man Release Date And Preoder Announced

One of the most anticipated Spider-Man games ever has finally got A release date. The game will be a PlayStation exclusive and fans expect it to rival the classic title Spider-Man 2 (2004). Spider-Man PS4 is set to release in on September 7th of this year.

Spider-Man Release Date And Preoder Announced
Ever since its announcement back at E3 2017, Marvel fans have been on the edge of their seat waiting for a release date. Well today is a big day for Spidey fans because not only have Insomniac Games released the official release date, but also pre-order bonus content and various editions of the game! So first and foremost, the big date. Spider-Man will be released for the PS4 (and, for now at least only the PS4) on September the 07th of 2018. If you pre-order the game you will receive 3 extra suits! One was revealed to be the aptly named Spider-Punk Suit where as the other 2 are being kept a secret. You also receive a Spider-Drone Gadget which seems to be an in-game item, 5 skill points as well as your more standard Spider-Man Avatar and Theme

Spider-Man PS4: That Punk Suit Though!
However, if you want to be more die hard you could always go for the Collector's Edition. This comes with all of the above plus extra chapters and suits as well as a few physical gifts such as a Spider-Man statue, a custom steelbook, a mini artbook and, most importantly…a Spidey sticker!

Spider-Man PS4: Thank God They Included The Spidey Sticker!
As if all this wasn't exciting enough, Playstation released a trailer for the pre-order and collector's edition which you can check out here and Game Informer released an exclusive coverage trailer of the game which you can watch below!

Spider-Man - Exclusive Coverage Trailer

So, will you be getting this game? Will this beat the fan favorite Spider-Man 2 (2004)? Let us know!

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