Spelunky 2 Finally Arriving On Xbox

After over a year's wait, Spelunky 2 is finally making its way onto the Xbox consoles as well as Xbox Game Pass. Bringing a brand new, randomly-generated adventure each time just like its predecessor this month, here's everything you need to know about the unique platformer's release.

Spelunky 2 Finally Arriving On Xbox

As confirmed by the official Xbox Game Pass Twitter account, Spelunky 2 is finally making its way to Xbox consoles as well as Game Pass. They also announced a few more titles such as Mass Effect Legendary Edition in the tweet. Originally released as a PlayStation exclusive, the platformer shortly made its way to PC and later Nintendo Switch. Finally, it will be released on Xbox this month on January 13th.

Following the story from the original game, “Guy Spelunky” and Tina Flan have settled down together after the events of the first game. Their daughter, Ana Spelunky, is our new protagonist. With any luck, we’ll also see the cross-Play feature that PC and PlayStation already share together as well.

Microsoft Studios published the HD remake of the original Spelunky first on Xbox in 2012. It then came to PlayStation two years later. Fans were understandably disheartened when its sequel had no mention of a release on Microsoft’s console. In the coming weeks, with its charmingly nostalgic graphics and crazy, randomly generated levels, Spelunky 2 is no doubt a title to get excited about.

Are you looking forward to seeing Spelunky 2 on Xbox consoles? Let us know down below in the comments.

Spelunky 2 - Launch Trailer | PS4

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