Spelunky 2 Cross-Play Coming To PC and PS4

Spelunky 2, the recently released and critically acclaimed platformer, will be getting online co-op for its PC version. This co-op will allow those on PS4 and PC to have Spelunky 2 cross-play, as players will be able to team up across gaming platforms.

Spelunky 2 Cross-Play Coming To PC And PS4Although the PC release of Spelunky 2 is coming without online co-op, it seems the wait will be worth it. Players on both PC and PS4 will get access to Spelunky 2 cross-play soon, according to the game’s creator. Speaking on Twitter, developer Derek Yu said that they chose to release the game without co-op to “improve the game without delaying the release.” He didn’t say when online co-op will be added to the game; all we know is it won’t be available when it releases on September 29. 

The PC release of Spelunky 2 is coming via the Steam store. Currently, the game is only available for PS4 and PC. There’s been no word on any Xbox or Nintendo Switch ports of the game. However, the original game did make it to Xbox 360 eventually. Who knows, maybe we’ll get cross-play across all consoles eventually. For now, only PC and PlayStation users will be able to enjoy the critically acclaimed platforming adventure.

If you want to take a look at the difficult but rewarding 2D platform game, check out the gameplay below. If you want to tackle it on PlayStation, have a look at the trophy list. Be warned: nothing comes easy in this game!

Spelunky 2 - Gameplay | PlayStation Underground


  1. Hey, I think you’re mistaken about the original Spelunky release. The original Spelunky released in 2008, with the HD remake that’s most known coming exclusively to the Xbox 360 first, then the PS4 about a year later.

    • Hey Gwyn, you’re right that Spelunky (the original) came to Xbox before PlayStation – the PS3 and PS Vita version came out a year after the 360 version. When I said that it came to Xbox “eventually”, I meant that it was a while after the original PC release. Hope that clears up any confusion!


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