Spartan VR Out Now on Steam Early Access

Spartan VR, developed by Immergity, is a brand new game built especially for the VR. Spartan puts you in the midst of Greek myths and allows players to become a true Greek hero with the chance to fight in real time with swords, shields and spears versus legendary creatures of Hades.

Spartan VR is now out on Steam
Gameplay features

– An exciting story which players will never forget
– Epic, brutal and engaging hand-to-hand combat
– Block, parry, stab, slice, throw spears and even use some magic
– Equip sandals of Hermes and fly like a bird
– Experience an awesome world with either a HTC Vive or Oculus Rift 

The Story

Are you ready to dive into the classical era in Ancient Greece? Have you ever wanted to experience what it is to be like a legendary Greek hero? Well now you can, as you wake up in the hold of your own ship in shackles armed the tee with legendary weapons of Hermes. You will undergo the patronage Hermes himself undertook, face a series of challenges and attempt to survive battles against evil tyrants!

Spartan VR can now be purchased off Steam

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