Soulja Boy is selling game consoles called “SouljaGame”

Watch me crank that Soulja Game and superman that consooooooooooooooole. The rapper behind 'Crank That (Soulja Boy)' has launched a line of game console online which boasts compability with hundreds of games. But, as amusing as that may seem at first, several publications have pointed out slightly questionable practices beneath the surface.

Soulja Boy is selling game consoles called
You read that right. American rapper, music producer and star of 2007's 'Crank That (Soulja Boy)', Soulja Boy Tell 'Em has added technology entrepreneur to his résumé with the release of not one, but two game consoles. The SouljaGame Console and SouljaGame Handheld are available for purchase on his website (links found in the 'Source' section below), alongside other products in the Soulja brand, including a smart watch, wireless headphones and a tablet.

SouljaGame Console - The new home console from Soulja Boy
The SouljaGame Console is advertised as a HD Game Console with 800 built in games. Meanwhile its handheld game console variant, the SouljaGame Handheld, boasts 3000 built in games. The product pages state support for video games created for many past consoles, with the handheld console interestingly including Nintendo Switch compatibility.

SouljaGame Handheld - The new handheld console from Soulja Boy
Soulja Boy's entry into the video games market has drawn skepticism from several publications across the internet. The consoles are reportedly emulation devices manufactured by Anbernic. Meanwhile similar looking devices, without the Soulja branding, are purchasable through international online retailer AliExpress, and a quick search reveals interesting pricing. At time of writing, the SouljaGame Console is $149.99, while an "Anbernic Retro Mini Video Game Console" will only set you back $79.49 through AliExpress. Similarly, the SouljaGame Handheld is currently $99.99, but the "Anbernic Video Game Retro Handheld Console" is less than $60.

Furthermore, which games come with the consoles, the quality of the description and the legality of the whole enterprise has been called into question. But in an interview with Rolling Stone, Soulja Boy remains happily resolute, unaffected by critics and confident that his efforts are all above board. In fact, he is actually taking suggestions for his consoles. Although implementing ideas from his 5+ million followers would be near impossible. You'd have to be superman to crank that many ideas out.

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    When Nintendo gets wind of this? The only thing Soulja Boy will be CRANKING out will be money to Nintendo for Copyright and IP violations ??


    Maybe he will be able to Kiss Nintendo over the phone


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