Soulja Boy drops song titled “Zelda”

Soulja Boy released a song simply named "Zelda", where he calls Rupees "green diamonds" and spits bars about things that are unrelated to The Legend of Zelda in general. Fans slammed the rapper for soiling the series' name.

Soulja Boy drops song titled "Zelda"
People confuse Rings from Sonic the Hedgehog with Coins from Super Mario Bros. and nobody bats an eye. Soulja Boy calls Rupees from The Legend of Zelda "green diamonds" and everyone tries to burn him at the stake.

The rapper, whose real name is DeAndre Cortez, released a song simply called "Zelda" last week, and other than sampling the original NES The Legend of Zelda theme song, the lyrics are completely unrelated to the video game series. It's an undecipherable mess where he proclaims his love for video games, yet has the audacity to call Rupees "green diamonds" in the line "Green diamonds like Zelda", not knowing that the character collecting Rupees, the game's currency, is Link, not the titular princess he's tasked to save; and that the value of Rupees are determined by color, so the Green Rupee is worth a single Rupee in most games.

This cacophonous rap single comes just a few months after Soulja Boy cranked out the infamous SouljaGame consoles with illegal copies of Nintendo games pre-installed but scrapped them once Nintendo threatened legal action against him.

Fans of The Legend of Zelda bashed the disgraced rapper on Twitter for making the song all about himself in lieu of the game the song is supposedly inspired by. One critic's summary of the song, as well as Soulja Boy's disrespect for Nintendo in general, took the cake.

Soulja Boy drops song titled
If Soulja Boy actually loves video games, he should know that rapping about a game series he never played, especially The Legend of Zelda, for all its gorgeous aesthetics and challenging puzzles, is not a good look.

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