Soulja Boy Announces Questionable Partnership With Ubisoft

Last December 9th, KeenGamer reported Soulja Boy’s ambitions to break into the console market. Not only did it take everyone by surprise for the sheer oddity of it, but things didn’t seem quite as legit as the average gamer would like. Soulja Boy seems to be on a continuing mission as he recently announced a supposed partnership with Ubisoft… This is odd.

Soulja Boy Announces Questionable Partnership With Ubisoft

In case any readers are new to this, yes we mean the rapper Soulja Boy and yes he released a console called the SouljaGame. Feel free to catch up on our original coverage but all in all, his consoles appeared to be suspiciously similar to another line of products at half the price. 

From the get go, savvy gamer’s ears were pricked up to the highly likely chance that not all was legit. The consoles were advertised with imagery of games that wouldn’t even run on them, let alone be available to play. Despite this, Soulja Boy is convinced he’s doing a good job and has brazenly announced a partnership with Ubisoft… Which the gaming community saw through at the drop of a hat. 

As the final nail in the coffin, Ubisoft confirmed our suspicions, stating plainly that it is “not partnering with Soulja Boy on this project”. With this one minute myth so quickly debunked, it’s not hard to approach his statement of having made over a million dollars on SouljaGame console with severe scepticism. 

Will the Soulja Boy saga continue or is this enough for him to learn that perhaps he should just stick to rapping? 

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