Soon, We’ll Be Able To Play Our Steam Library On Our Phones

Valve are releasing an app which will allow you to play your Steam library on your phone! The app will be released as a beta on may 21st. Will this will change the game for Mobile exclusives?

Soon, We'll Be Able To Play Our Steam Library On Our Phones
This summer Valve will release 2 apps for Android and IOS that will allow you to play all the games and videos in your steam library on your phone via a wired or 5Ghz network connection. The app is set to be released on May 21st (as a beta) and, according to a Steam press release, will allow people to:

experience their Steam library of games on their Android (phone, tablet, TV) and iOS-based (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV) devices while connected via 5Ghz network or wired Ethernet to a host system (Mac or PC).

The app will also allow you play games using Steam Controller, MFI controllers, and more. The original Steam Link was a small box that allowed you to wirelessly stream your games from your PC to TV. This was released back in 2015. Now, I am assuming that at 1st there may be a few compatability issues or maybe some games that aren't compatible with this service (Kinda like the PS VITA and PS4 with the PS4 link). Nevertheless I am confident that this app will be a massive hit. I've always wanted to play Left 4 dead on my phone! What game are you looking forward to playing on the go? Do you think this will change the game for Mobile exclusives? Let us know!

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