Sony to Launch New InZone Line of Gaming Monitors and Headsets

This summer Sony plans to launch a new line of gaming monitors and gaming headsets as a part of their new InZone brand. It will feature two different monitors and three separate headsets all matching the PlayStation 5's sleek black and white look. They will be optimized for use with Sony's PlayStation 5.

Sony to Launch New InZone Line of Gaming Monitors and Headsets Cover

This summer, Sony plans to launch a new set of gaming monitors and gaming headsets under their new InZone brand. The new line of headsets and monitors are designed to pair perfectly with the PS5–both in specs and in looks. Boasting the sleek black and white pallet of the PS5, they will also deliver the enhanced, high-quality graphics of Sony’s newest PlayStation console. 

InZone M9 Gaming Monitor

InZone M9 Gaming Monitor

InZone will feature two different gaming monitors – the M9 and the M3. Both monitors offer two HDMI 2.1 and three USB-C ports as well as an external headphone jack. The M3 will include 1080p resolution and a refresh rate of 240Hz. The M9 will feature full 4K resolution and a refresh rate of 144Hz. The M9 also boasts some additional features including Full Array Local Dimming which allows for greater depth of contrast in shadows and highlights, as well as a customizable rear lighting. 

When hooked up to PS5 specifically, both monitors feature Auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Mode. Auto HDR Tone Mapping allows for crucial details and colors to be displayed even in high contrast scenes. Auto Genre Picture Mode will allow your monitor to optimize picture quality depending on whether or not you’re playing games or watching movies. And thanks to NVIDA G-Sync, both monitors feature a variable refresh rate to match the frame rate of your game. This allows for less screen tears and stuttering so you can have a smooth gameplay experience. 

The M9 will cost $899 and the M3 will cost $529 at launch.

InZone H9 Gaming Headset

InZone H9 Gaming Headset

Sony also plans to release a set of gaming headsets — the H9, H7, and H3. Both the H9 and H7 feature bluetooth connectivity while the H3 will require a wired connection. In terms of battery life, the H9 will last up to 32 hours and the H7 will last up to 40 hours. All three headsets share a variety of other features including noise cancellation and 360 degree spacial audio. Lastly, Sony boasts that all three headsets feature top-of-the-line acoustic quality derived from their expertise in music headphones. 

The H9 is priced at $299, while the H7 and H3 will go for $229 and $100 respectively. 

Both InZone gaming monitors and all three gaming headsets are available for preorder now on Sony’s website. 

SOURCE: InZone Website 


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