Sony Setting Up $100 Million COVID-19 Relief Fund

Sony released a press release today announcing that they will be creating a $100 million fund to help fight COVID-19. The coronavirus pandemic has affected industries across the world. Let's see what's in the statement and how the $100 million will be spent.

Sony Setting Up $100 Million COVID-19 Relief Fund

Sony announced in a press release today that it will be setting up the “Sony Global Relief Fund for COVID-19”. This $100 million dollar fund will help those around the world affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

The release starts off saying that $10 million will go to medical organizations like UNICEF and the MSF. This is the only point in the release with clarity on how much money is going where. In addition to funding medical services, Sony said that they will figure out ways to continue children’s education during the pandemic. The release goes on to say that they will try to support those in the entertainment industry whose livelihoods were affected by COVID-19.

With all of these goals, the release doesn’t elaborate on what Sony would do specifically to achieve them. Regardless, it’s nice to see companies show some corporate social responsibility in these trying times. As seen in the statement made by Game Workers Unite last week, the game industry could be seriously impacted by this pandemic. Sony hasn’t been the only gaming company to aid the fight against COVID-19; Nintendo recently pledged to donate masks to healthcare workers in Washington state.

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