Sony Rebrands Oxford Circus Signs With PS5 Buttons, Renames Other London Tube Stations

Sony has replaced the signs for Oxford Circus with their iconic PS5 button shapes in a canny marketing stunt, alongside rebranding a handful of other stations to PlayStation-related names. Take in the spectacle in London for the next 24 hours!

Sony Rebrands Oxford Circus Signs With PS5 Buttons, Renames Other London Tube Stations Cover

Sony has rebranded the signage at London’s Oxford Circus tube station, replacing some of the instances of the Underground’s classic circular logo with their own button shapes in a marketing ploy for the UK release of the PS5. The four entrances to the bustling station – which, just to rub it in, sits right next to one of Microsoft’s own shops – now sport snazzy neon signs in the style of the iconic X, square, triangle and circle shapes as seen on the brand new DualSense controller.

This particular rebrand will only stick around for another 24 hours, but Sony hasn’t stopped there. In a truly devastating display of punnery, they’ve renamed several other Tube stations in line with some of their most treasured PS5 franchises: Mile End is now Miles End, after Spider-Man: Miles Morales; West Ham has become Horizon: Forbidden West Ham, Seven Sisters station now bears the name Gran Turismo 7 Sisters, and in arguably the most tenuous example, Lancaster Gate receives the name Ratchet & Clank-aster Gate. These groan-worthy names will stick around a little longer than Oxford Circus’ signs, gracing platforms until December 16th.

Sony’s PS5 released today in the UK, just in time to get settled in for Black Friday and the Christmas rush – though with the unprecedented rush on pre-orders, some outlets may be struggling to keep up with demand. This new marketing collaboration with the Tube is likely to keep them on their toes as we enter the festive period.

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