Sony New IP Hidden Agenda Unveiled

Sony shows off new IP Hidden Agenda from the creators of Until Dawn prior to their E3 2017 show. Supermassive Games will bring another choice-based thriller where players can vote on the choices as group using smartphones. Hidden Agenda will be a PS4 exclusive and is set to release later this year.

Sony New IP Hidden Agenda Unveiled
Sony also unveiled a new IP prior to its 2017 E3 presser from Supermassive Games. The Until Dawn creators are currently working on a new social crime thriller that allows multiple people to play the game by using their smartphones. It is an optional way to play the game as the U.K. based studio noted how many people played Until Dawn together and voted on the choices. In this new experience the characters can either live or die based on your decisions once again. Characters seem to include a detective, a cop, an attorney and others to be announced later. The game is part of Sony's new PlayLink series initiative and is actually set to release later this year exclusively on the PS4. Check out the reveal trailer just below.

Are our readers excited about this new cool-looking new IP? Share your thoughts below.


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    Weird, so you just pick choices?



    Still, looks well worth checking out. Until Dawn was pretty good.

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      As per the creators it’s very like Until Dawn. No freaking idea why it wasn’t in the main conference when it’s set to release this year. Makes no sense.


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