Sony Ends The Production Of Physical Vita Games

Sony are going to end the production of physical PS Vita games. Fortunately digital distribution for the console still remains and while this is bad news the Vita community, it does mean that the cartridges will raise in value!

Sony Ends The Production Of Physical Vita Games
The PS Vita is a fantastic portable console, It's got power, long battery life, innovative controls and most importantly a ton of awesome games, both indie and AAA. Unfortunately however, it seems that we have been given the first sign of a dying console as Sony have now stopped production of physical PS Vita games. Fortunately you can still buy the games digitally through PSN and more games are still going to be released for the console. While there will no long be any 1st party printed physical games, it is safe to assume that 3rd party distributors such as Limited Run Games will still be producing physical copies of PS Vita games.

While this news is very sad, it was unfortunately inevitable. The console was an amazing piece of tech with so much potential but due to a high release price and expensive accessories, the Vita didn't get the attention it deserved (though recently more and more players have expressed interest for the console). There is at least one silver lining to this news. For those of us who collect physical games, our Vita collection is about to get a lot more valuable (not that I would sell any of them!)  

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