Sony Confirms the PlayStation 5 is More Than a Year Off

Sony has revealed it will release a new PlayStation 5 console. However, the PlayStation 5 is not about to come out any time soon. An SIE spokesman has confirmed Sony will not launch the PlayStation 5 in the next 12 months.

Sony Confirms the PlayStation 5 is More Than a Year Off

Sony effectively confirmed in April 2019 that it will release the PlayStation 5. However, PS fans should not get overly excited just yet as a launch date for the PlayStation 5 is still some way off. The Sony Interactive Entertainment arm has confirmed that the company will not launch PlayStation 5 this fiscal year.

The reporter Mr. Mochizuki quoted comments from an SIE spokesman from a recent Sony investor call on his Twitter page. There Mr. Mochizuki states, “SIE confirmed to me no next-gen PlayStation console release in FY19, but if you, for some reason, have some doubts about it, here’s another: SIE doesn’t expect increase of marketing cost in FY19… No next-gen PlayStation launch over next 12 months.” Thus, Sony has ruled out any chance of the PlayStation 5 hitting the shelves by April 2020.

It is not that suprising Sony does not intend to launch the PlayStation 5 any time soon. Had the company planned to release PlayStation 5 by the spring of next year, it would have surely have said something about the console at E3 2019. Yet, Sony has announced that it is skipping E3 2019.

Nevertheless, Sony has provided some details about the PlayStation 5. The Sony system architect, Mr. Cerny, revealed a few details about the PS 5 to Wired earlier this April. He stated that the upcoming console will include an AMD GPU for 3D audio and be compatible with the PSVR headset. Mr. Cerny also confirmed that the PlayStation 5 will support 8K resolution.

Mr. Cerny also mentioned the PlayStation 5 will include new SSD storage. The new SSD storage will speed up load times and gameplay. Cerny even provided a load sequence demo for a PlayStation 5 dev kit with SSD that was somewhat faster when compared with a standard PlayStation 4 Pro.

So, the PlayStation 5 is no longer a mere rumor. The console is on the horizon, but Sony has not provided any clear release date details for it as of yet. However, Sony is not going to launch it before April 2020.

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