Sony Anticipating $300m From PC Games Within 12 Months

It looks like PlayStation is strongly willing to have a piece of the PC market cake, sharing numerous iconic exclusives with the PC community. Also predicting the PC market to be around 20% of the release portfolio by the end of this year

Sony Anticipating $300m From PC Games Within 12 MonthsFor the past couple of years, we’ve witnessed Sony release many of its exclusives to the PC players, head-starting this year with the critically acclaimed God of War by Santa Monica. Sharing more iconic PlayStation exclusives with the PC community is something Sony will strive for in the future, as Jim Ryan, CEO of PlayStation, stated that most PlayStation titles are going to be hitting the PC and Mobile markets by 2025.

Compared to the initial $35m reported for the fiscal year of 2020, Sony seems to have a promising financial future with the PC market with a tremendous expansion in the income that exceeds $265m! This increase is predicted to strengthen the “rocky” relationship between the PC community and PlayStation. Sony also expects the PC & Mobile market to embody a solid 20% of their release portfolio by the end of 2020, which they plan to grow more and more within years to come.

Hence, you can expect many PlayStation titles to eventually hit Steam and Epic Games Store. Some games like The Last of Us RemasteredGhost of Tsushima, and Bloodborne have been rumored for a long time to be closer than we imagine to being available to the PC players. So is it possible that PlayStation will finally liberate most of their games from being exclusive to the PlayStation only? Yes, probably. You see, PlayStation seems to be taking different policies and changing its stances to the non-PlayStation players; more people will get to play, which also means more credit scores and wallets to be exhausted gradually, which is nothing to be denied from SIE.

If you’re an average PC enjoyer, don’t look too high up to seeing PlayStation share all of their games with you, as there will definitely be a massive priority to the PlayStation 4 and 5 owners. Maybe we’ll have to wait for a couple of years to get to experience what the PlayStation community had enjoyed ahead of us. Finally, I’m eager for you to share with us… [wpdiscuz-feedback id=”66sl2l9wgt” question=”Which PlayStation exclusive do you want to experience on your PC?” opened=”0″]Which exclusive you are hyped to play on your PC?[/wpdiscuz-feedback]

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