Sons of the Forest Release Date Still Slated for February

The release date for Sons of the Forest is still set for February 23rd, and developers have just shared some new content with a few of the upgraded features it will have. PC gamers should get ready for some serious survival-horror action!

Sons of the Forest Release Date Still Slated for FebruaryFans of The Forest rejoice! The long-awaited sequel to Endnight Studio’s famed survival-horror title is scheduled to be released for PC on February 23rd. And while the release date was pushed back several times last year, there has been no mention of any plans to postpone the release further. With the release date only one month out, here is some of what we can look forward to with Sons of the Forest:

Players will once again find themselves in the forest chopping wood, building log fortresses, and facing-off against the hordes of mutant cannibals that inhabit the woods. This time, there will even be some new monstrosities lurking in the forest, including flying baby mutants! (WTH!?) On top of that, the gameplay and mechanics will be seeing some upgrades and advancements with Sons.

Perhaps most notable is the improved enemy AI, which will give the mutants more sophisticated tactics and even individual personalities. Additionally, players will be joined by AI companions, which will allow single players to enjoy some of the multi-player aspects of the game. It will also cut down on time used for chores like chopping wood, which can be assigned to your AI buddy.

Players will be able to build custom structures.

Players will be able to build custom structures.

Sons of the Forest boasts a map four times as large as its predecessor’s, a bigger and wilder story, and a more detailed crafting system that allows players to lay each log of their constructions instead of solely relying on pre-designed blueprints. All said, Sons of the Forest looks like it will stay true to the spirit of the original while still delivering new and exciting gameplay. Be sure to keep an eye out for this one, as it promises to be a big title for the both the survival-horror genre and the world of PC gaming.

Source: Endnight Games’ Twitter

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