Sonic the Hedgehog Voice Actor Has Announced his Departure from the Role

Roger Craig Smith, the actor currently voicing video game icon, Sonic the Hedgehog, has announced his departure from the role. The Sonic voice actor had been playing the blue blur for over ten years.

Roger Craig Smith is the talented actor you might not have realised you’ve been hearing in an abundance of games, series and animated films over the years. As well as playing our favourite blue hedgehog since 2010, the Sonic voice actor has been known for portraying a plethora of beloved characters.

As Ezio Auditore in the Assassin’s Creed franchise, Bruce Wayne/Batman in the Batman: Arkham Origins games, Chris Redfield in the Resident Evil series and even as Captain America in the Disney/Marvel games, Roger Craig Smith is a versatile yet dynamic talent across the industry. Being such a tour de force across the medium makes it all the more bittersweet when he vaguely announced his departure from the role of Sonic on his Twitter.

The nature of his departure remains unclear at the time of writing, whether the companies behind the Sonic the Hedgehog games (Sonic Team and Sega) have decided it’s time to go in another direction, or the actor himself thought it was time to move away from the character. 

When thinking about who could take the mantle as the next Sonic voice actor, everyone’s first thought would be Ben Schwartz, the charismatic actor who played the blue speedster in the 2020 film. His performance being so well-received as well as the film, it’s easy to see Schwartz taking on the next Sonic game as well. Maybe it’ll be the Sonic game that the producer of the Yakuza series wants to make.

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