Sonic Racing Might Be At E3

We've been waiting for any scrap of news about the new Sonic R game. Well it Looks like we may see some Sonic Racing at this years E3! Sega's teaser for a new Sonic R Game from the ending of their SXSW Panel got a lot of fans hyped and ever since then we've had the itch!

Sonic Racing Might Be At E3
At the end of the Sonic the Hedgehog panel at South by Southwest, Sega teased what appeared to be a new Sonic racing game. Ever since then many fans have had that itch, the itch for any new information this upcoming revival. Well it seems that we were given a hint by Sega's PR,  Aaron Webber, who said this during a recent live stream:

A lot of you have been waiting for news and information, and you’re very curious about what that title was that we teased back at South by Southwest, and at least in the near future, you might be hearing some more news and information about that. So hey, that’s coming up. Get ready. It’s on the horizon. 

Now of course this hints that the game may be shown at this years E3 but even if it isn't, it we will still hear something soon. The original Sonic R (for the Sega Saturn) has had some mixed reviews. But it seems that Sega is confident enough to bring this series into the new generation and give it the polished it was always crying out for! Be sure to check out the original teaser of the new Sonic R below:

Have you played the original Sonic R? What would you want from a current gen reboot? Let us know!

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