Sonic Origins Leaks Imply An Upcoming Release Date

Two big Sonic Origins leaks finally bring about a flavour of news surrounding the video game. After so much silence from SEGA for over a year, it seems we're very close to at least hearing some official news about it, and possibly even a release date. From the game's cover art to its age rating, what could this imply about the game's near future?

Sonic Origins Leaks Imply An Upcoming Release Date

Recently, multiple leaks of Sonic Origins have spread across the gaming community. It’s interesting that two leaks have come around at the exact same time. This is especially intriguing after so much time without any communication regarding the title from SEGA. This could only mean one thing: the release date is coming soon.

Our first leak is one that came from the PlayStation Network. This would be the game’s official cover art, it seems. Featuring Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Dr Robotnik and Metal Sonic, it’s very exciting for fans to see them together like this on covert art in 2022. Welcome back, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, everyone has missed you! The artwork implies that all the game’s core features and designs are set in stone, but it doesn’t quite hint toward a near release date…

Our second dose of the Sonic Origins leaks comes from an age rating that has been appointed to the title in South Korea. Unsurprisingly, the game is for “All Users”, as reported by VGC. However, the significance of this leak is so much more. This game clearly not only has a playable version but one that has been distributed. When games are distributed to the people that classify age ratings, we can take this as a good sign. It means that said games are undoubtedly close to a full release.

So, what do you make of these Sonic Origins leaks? Are you looking forward to its release date? Let us know down below which game in the collection you’re most excited to play. After Sonic Mania, many fans will be excited to delve back into retro Sonic once more.

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