Free Games on Epic Games Store: Here’s What to Play

Gamers can continue to find great free games on the Epic Games Store. Among these titles, Sonic Mania is free next week from June 24 until July 1. In addition, Overcooked! 2 and Hell Is Other Demons are both free now until June 24. Horizon Chase Turbo is available next week for free download as well.

Free Games on Epic Games Store: Here's What to Play

Recently, there have been some hit free games on the Epic Games Store. Control was free on the digital store last week. They are keeping the deals coming this week with Overcooked! 2 and Hell Is Other Demons available now. Sonic Mania is free the following week, along with Horizon Chase Turbo.

Overcooked! 2

The sequel to the successful Overcooked!, Overcooked! 2 dishes out more chaos in the kitchen. This sequel lets aspiring chefs explore new kitchen themes and cook original recipes. The game offers both couch co-op and online multiplayer modes to play with friends. 

Overcooked 2 – Launch Trailer | PS4

Hell is Other Demons

Hell Is Other Demons delivers non-stop action in the form of an arcade-style shooter. In addition to the frenetic fights against hordes of enemies and devilish bosses, the game also contains procedurally generated elements that help keep the gameplay interesting. The soundtrack feels right at home for this style of game, boasting some cool synthwave beats to drive the action forward.   

Hell is Other Demons Announcement Trailer

Sonic Mania

Sonic Mania is definitely worth a try if you’re a fan of any of the Blue Blur’s previous 2D adventures. Taking inspiration from many of the series’ classic games, such as Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Sonic CD, this 2017 game developed by Christian Whitehead provides a nostalgic dash through the past. In addition to the new twists on fan-favorite zones such as Chemical Plant Zone and Stardust Speedway Zone, it also features brand new places to explore. (Some of these zones even give the existing ones a run for their money!)  

Sonic Mania Announcement Trailer

Horizon Chase Turbo

While most of the hype regarding Epic’s free games for next week focuses on the blue hedgehog, Horizon Chase Turbo deserves a look as well. A game inspired by ’90s arcade racers, this should interest those with some racing nostalgia. The game takes the 16-bit art style and gives it a new look with 3D graphics. Furthermore, a split-screen co-op is available for those that want to race against friends.  

Horizon Chase Turbo - Launch Trailer | PS4

These deals offer some great opportunities for gamers to add some quality titles to their collection. Overcooked! 2 and Hell Is Other Demons are free until June 24. Sonic Mania is free along with Horizon Chase Turbo from June 24 until July 1. 

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