Sonic Frontiers Teases Its First DLC and It Is Free

As Sonic Frontiers is at its last month of development, the official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account teases at an upcoming free DLC in a collaboration with the Monster Hunter series. There are a lot of things to unpack with this simple teaser.

Sonic Frontiers Teases Its First DLC and It Is Free

Sonic Frontiers hasn’t even released yet and the marketing team already announces an upcoming free DLC. It will be downloadable one week after its initial launch. From what we can tell from the below tweet made by the official Sonic Twitter account, it is a collaboration with Capcom’s Monster Hunter franchise. We are being teased at a cooking feature as a new aspect of the open zone.

There are theories regarding the tweet and the attached artwork. For example we could wonder how cooking is going to work with the gameplay. If Sonic Frontiers is going to borrow aspects of Monster Hunter as part of the collaboration, maybe cooking will give temporary boosts to Sonic’s Speed, Power and Defense stats. If the Kocco featured in the artwork is to be a clue, perhaps feeding them will be a way to get Seeds required to power up the previously mentioned stats.

There is also the subject of Sonic’s attire in the image. According to Monster Hunter‘s Twitter, those who gets the DLC will be able to wear equipment. Reminiscent of this franchise within the game. Alongside the apparent “soap shoes” players will get from signing up to Sonic Frontiers‘ newsletter. This fuels the idea that players will get to customize Sonic’s appearance and run around the islands in style. This would easily add to the game’s depth if there are more to unlock in the base game.

Sonic Frontiers‘ DLC is set to release on November 14th. Meanwhile as we learn more about the game and more people get to have a hand on the demo across the world. This game seems well on its way to become a huge hit for critics and fans alike.

Source: Official Sonic Tweet, Official Monster Hunter Tweet

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