Sonic Frontiers Roadmap For 2023 Revealed

SEGA has revealed their future plans for Sonic Frontiers with a roadmap teasing free content updates throughout 2023. Hinting at new challenge modes, events in the open world, photo mode, a new story and more in the new year.

Sonic Frontiers Roadmap for 2023 RevealedAfter releasing a few weeks ago, SEGA has unveiled the roadmap for Sonic Frontiers. The roadmap details three major updates occurring throughout 2023, teasing new playable characters and game modes. There are no hints as to when the updates will be released or if the planned roadmap will remain without change. However, what is confirmed by SEGA is that all the content detailed below will be free for all players. 

Here is the 2023 content roadmap teasing the future updates

Here is the 2023 content roadmap teasing the future updates

In the first update, Sonic Frontiers will be gaining a way for Sonic fans to listen to their favourite tunes with the jukebox. There will also be new challenge modes for players to tackle as well as the addition of a photo mode. In the second update, players can take part in new events in the open world, celebrate Sonic’s birthday, embark on new challenges and discover new Koko. The third update seems to be the most hush-hush of the lot with only the details of a new playable character and a new story featuring Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and Sage in some way. 

We’ll have to wait until the new year to get the full details on each update in the roadmap. For more content on Sonic Frontiers, check out our review where we said “Sonic Frontiers has definitely brought back hope for the franchise with this new format.”

Sonic Frontiers is available now for Playstation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.

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