Sonic Frontiers Release Date Reportedly Leaked

The ambitious Sonic Frontiers may have had its release date leaked, and while there has been no comment on the validity of the leaked date, there are a few things we do know, and even more things we don't about the upcoming title.

Sonic Frontiers Release Date Reportedly Leaked

The release date for Sonic’s anticipated open-world outing may have been leaked, according to Screen Rant. Citing a Twitter source that has reported a PlayStation database listing that pins the release date at November 15, 2022. The report goes on to say that this could be a placeholder.

With no official word from Sega or Sonic Team, it’s best to take this information with a pinch of salt. That said, this date would line up with the 2022 holiday season as stated on the official website.

The trailer features some mechanical objects chasing the blue hedgehog. It then goes on to show vistas and landscapes somewhat reminiscent of those you might find in Breath of the Wild, dotted with ruins and stone architecture.

Structures like this seem to be scattered across the Starfall Islands

Structures like this seem to be scattered across the Starfall Islands

Right at the end of the trailer, Sonic encounters a titanic mechanical being of sorts, absolutely dwarfing him in size. Details are slim, but what we know is that the game takes place in the Starfall Islands. This region will feature forests, deserts, and open plains.

We also know that working on the story is Ian Flynn, a freelance comic writer known for his work on Sonic The Hedgehog comics and that Sonic Team head, Takashi Iizuka, hopes to make up for the tepid Sonic Forces back in 2017.

Sonic Frontiers is coming to all modern platforms, including PS4 and Xbox One, and does not have an official release date. What it does have is a trailer, which you can check out below.

Sonic Frontiers - Announce Trailer



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