Sonic Colors: Ultimate Releases September 7

In a recent Sonic Central livestream, Sega announced that Sonic Colors: Ultimate releases September 7. A new trailer for the game was revealed, showing off HD graphics and 60fps gameplay. A teaser for the next mainline Sonic game was shown as well.

Sonic Colors Ultimate Releases September 7 cover

Sonic fans have been waiting a long time for new details regarding Sega’s upcoming projects for the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. During a Sonic Central livestream, the company unveiled a number of new projects in development for the Blue Blur. Among the reveals, they announced that Sonic Colors: Ultimate releases September 7.

Rumors have circulated for a while regarding a remaster of this game. A German voiceover studio had a listing for a remaster of the game. Furthermore, a French retailer had a pre-order page for the game before it was unveiled. It appears that those leaks were correct; Sonic is getting the remaster treatment. 

Originally released in 2010, this was one of the hedgehog’s best adventures. While it was a Wii exclusive, another version of the game was released on the Nintendo DS as well. That version was created by a different developer and mostly featured 2D platforming. Based on the trailer, Sonic Colors: Ultimate seems to be a remaster of the Wii version. The gameplay shown for the upcoming title appeared to show off new HD graphics along with 60fps gameplay. These were 2 features missing from the 2010 version. 

Beyond this announcement, the livestream provided a glimpse at the next mainline Sonic game in development. While this first look only gave a peek at Sonic running through a forest (we don’t even see his face), the teaser revealed that the developers plan to release the game in 2022.

While some fans might have wanted more news from the event, details regarding a remaster give fans a new reason to be excited for the series going forward. In addition, Sega promises updates in the coming months. This means that there should be even more news about the blue hedgehog in the not-so-distant future.

A look at the improved visuals from the trailer

A look at the improved visuals from the trailer

Sonic Colors: Ultimate releases September 7 for Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and on PC via Epic Games Store.

What did you think of the Sonic Central livestream? Are you excited about the company’s upcoming projects? Let me know in the comments below. 

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