Something Big Is Happening At SEGA!

Something big is happening over at SEGA and we won't know what it is until tomorrow at the SEGA FEST 2018. SEGA plan on revealing something ''HUGE'' over the weekend. The SEGA FEST is taking place in Akihabra, Toyko this weekend.

Something Big Is Happening At SEGA!
have teased the world with a recent Tweet announcing that something huge would be announced at this years Sega Fes, a festival which is taking place in Akihabra, Tokyo this weekend which is, as you may have guessed all about Sega, their content and fans. the tweet stated:

Stay tuned for a special announcement tomorrow, LIVE and direct from  SEGA FES in  Tokyo. You DO NOT want to miss this, SEGA fans!

Many speculate that this huge news is about the leaked upcoming Sonic Racing game but personally I don't think that constitutes as huge seeing as we already know its existence. That is unless they plan on revamping the series to make it more of a competitor to Mario Kart. Personally I believe it is going to be a new game from a franchise that doesn't get a lot of attention. Maybe a new Phantasy Star game? or am I asking for too much?. If you can't make it to the Sega Fes (which, seeing as it is in Tokyo is perfectly understandable) you can still catch it via live stream. Check out the original tweet and the official Sega twitter page here.

What are your thoughts? Are you hoping the announcement has something to do with one of their older franchises? Let us know!

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