Solstice Chronicles: MIA Gameplay Video

With Solstice Chronicles: MIA getting ready to launch on July 26th 2017, a new video was released yesterday, with Ironward lead, Hrvoje Horvatek, talking through the upcoming games features, the mechanics, and why the game is a different kind of twin-stick shooter.

Solstice Chronicles: MIA Gameplay Video
Solstice Chronicles: MIA is an upcoming PC game – which is due to be released on Steam on the 26th of July 2017. The game combines twin-stick shooter sensibilities with deep tactics and is developed by the independent studio, Ironward, who are located in Zagreb (Croatia).

In an all new video, which was released on the Ironward official YouTube channel, (which can be viewed at the bottom of the article) over six minutes of gameplay is showcased. Ironward lead, Hrvoje Horvatek, gives an interesting narration about the game and how the mechanics of it all work. Horvatek goes into depth about the the terminator class "As you can see now I'm playing the terminator class and one of his specialities is every time he uses a skill his integrity will go down." In addition, the Ironward lead bigs up the terminator class by saying "Much faster gameplay movements than with the other classes."

The game is set to release on 26th of July 2017 on Steam. The six minutes of gameplay can be watched below:

Solstice Chronicles: MIA - Terminator Class Gameplay (Developer Narration)

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