Soccer pro Dele Alli partners with Secretlab

It's no secret that soccer star Dele Alli enjoys gaming during his downtime. It's only natural that he would want to sit down in only the absolute best gaming chairs have to offer and that's where Secretlab comes in.

Soccer pro Dele Alli partners with Secretlab
English Premier League football star, Dele Alli was recently named the 21st in the 50 Most Marketable athletes by SportsPro. Except grabbing all the spotlight on the soccer field, he recently garnered some attention with his hand gesture during a goal celebration due to being surprisingly difficult to replicate.

This spur of wider internet interest also put forward his love for Fortnite battle royale. It turns out, that aside from being great with a football, Alli is also fully capable of dominating his opponents in the game. He even sports a Twitch channel where he just recently passed the 40.000 concurrent viewers milestone.

Since he is making a big splash in the streaming community, it’s only natural that he would equip himself with only the best gaming gear and accessories. In that regard, he decided to partner up with Secretlab who is arguably the best gaming chair company in the world.

Not only does this partnership benefit the two partners, but it also goes to show that even pro athletes and celebrities partake in the gaming lifestyle which removes the “basement nerd” cliche perception many gamers face even today. In that case, we wish Mr. Alli many fun and comfortable hours playing games while sitting in his new Secretlab swag.

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