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SMITE’s Newest Celtic Goddess Cliodhna, Queen of the Banshees, Releases Today

Just in time for Halloween, Cliodhna, Queen of the Banshees, releases today in SMITE. Her unique ability to walk through walls and unleash horrifying shrieks across the battleground will truly terrify the enemy team. She's available to purchase on all applicable platforms.

SMITE's Newest Celtic Goddess Cliodhna, Queen of the Banshees Releases Today Cover

Today, Cliodhna, Queen of the Banshees, releases onto the SMITE battleground of the Gods. This terrifying new Celtic Goddess is more of a folklore character than a deity, per se. Nevertheless, she is a welcome addition to the roster. With the Stranger Things event coming to an end, Titan Forge has planned to release the new God during October to see out the rest of the spooky season.

With the unique ability to enter walls (yes, you read that right) and to force enemy players to lose the ability to perceive her, she’s going to be quite a hair-raising opponent. Not only is this wall-entering ability easy to pull off, it’s her passive ability, meaning she can use this whenever she pleases. The downside in using this is that she will take continuous damage whilst she is inside a wall, meaning she can not spend long periods of time simply waiting for someone to pass by.

Cliodhna in SMITE (pronounced ‘clean-ah’) is a character from Celtic folklore who rules over the Banshees. These creatures are said to be seen as elderly women, often with long white or silver hair. They represent death, and upon seeing one, a member of the seeker’s family is said to die shortly after. Some prefer to interpret this as a warning of death, rather than a direct correlation between the two events. In-game, however? I’d take her presence as a direct threat. She’s coming for you.

SMITE - God Reveal - Cliodhna, Queen of the Banshees

You can download SMITE for free on all major platforms and purchase Cliodhna after she releases today. Those with the Ultimate God Pack will gain instant access to the Goddess.

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