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SMITE Teases Martichoras, The Manticore King

SMITE has teased Martichoras, The Manticore King in a cinematic reveal trailer. While we don't know loads about his abilities and playstyle just yet, we do get an exciting insight into the aesthetics of his kit. Be on the look out, because he'll be making his way to SMITE soon.

SMITE Teases Martichoras, The Manticore King

To finish off the SMITE Season of Monsters, The Manticore King, Martichoras was teased as the game’s newest playable character. In the form of a short horror-like cinematic teaser, we got our first glimpse at what he’ll look like. As a teaser trailer, it doesn’t reveal anything about this God’s actual gameplay. We can see though, that his kit will have a green, luminous aesthetic.

Funnily enough, a God Reveal for Manticore, The Forgotten Blight was posted in April of 2016. On April 1st, Hi-Rez published a surprise God Reveal of the Manticore on SMITE‘s YouTube Channel. In this reveal, Lore Lady, the voice of the God Reveal videos got into a heated argument with another voiceover. They ended up having to get a third voiceover to help out the situation. Needless to say, the entire reveal was merely a joke; this God never made it into the game… until now.

Thankfully, this God likely won’t change into the Fire Giant, the Gold Fury or Change’s bunny. He probably cannot change the map to Joust, either. Instead, we’ll be seeing a properly fleshed-out set of abilities in the near future with his official God Reveal. Are you excited to finally see SMITE feature The Manticore King? For real this time. Let us know down below.

SMITE - Martichoras Cinematic Teaser | The Manticore King

SOURCE: Official SMITE YouTube Channel

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