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SMITE Season 10 Will Feature New Conquest Map, Playable Fire Giant God and More

SMITE Season 10 is just around the corner, here are all the highlighted changes to look forward to in the near future. From a reimagined conquest map, an intriguing crossover, a God reveal that comes from the centre of the SMITE universe and a change in how the Seasons themselves cycle, it's one year to be excited about.

SMITE Season 10 Will Feature New Conquest Map, Playable Fire Giant God and More

SMITE Season 10 is on the way. Promising to change the way seasons themselves are delivered, a new conquest map, the new God Surtr, The Fire Giant and much more. This is gonna be one big shake-up for the game. The usual balance changes to Gods, items and such are also to be announced. Here’s everything we know so far about what to expect in the next year on the Battleground of the Gods.

New Season Cycle

Every new year, the developers introduce us to a new season. This time, however, SMITE Season 10 will actually be called Year 10, and be split into four separate seasons. The initial one will be called ‘Season of Monsters’, introducing Surtr to the game along with it. The second is called ‘Season of Hope’, while the third and fourth are yet to be confirmed. Each one will come with sweeping changes to help the game feel fresh all year round.

New Conquest Map

As is custom every season or so, SMITE is introducing a brand new conquest map to freshen up their main game mode. Sporting a brand new look inspired by various mythologies, and as always, it’s split between chaos and divinity. This map in particular takes inspiration from both the closed beta and Season 2 maps themselves. Apparently, it also takes inspiration from the second God of Year 10 to release after Surtr, who was briefly teased.

SMITE's upcoming conquest map

SMITE’s upcoming conquest map

This new layout also promises a fully reworked jungly layout, camps, and a Fire Giant overhaul. Due to the current one ascending to become one of the playable Gods, a new Fire Giant is coming in hot with different abilities and a fresh model. It’ll be exciting to see just what challenges await in the new jungle. Don’t get too comfortable though, as with each new season, will come hefty conquest changes.

Smite X Magic: The Gathering

Chandra, Jace, Liliana, Karn and Atraxa from Magic: The Gathering are coming in the game’s newest crossover event. Hi-Rez is not one to shy away from crossover events. Bringing characters from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers and even Stranger Things in the past. Now, we’ll be seeing characters from the Magic: The Gathering universe. The characters shown in the trailer each represent a different element within our world, and each character has a distinctive style to reflect this. We’ll have to wait and see exactly what these characters will look like on the Battleground of the Gods in SMITE Season 10.

Surtr, The Fire Giant

It wouldn’t be a new year without a big God reveal. Last year, in Season 9, we saw Shiva, The Destroyer come to light. This year, however, Surtr, The Fire Giant breaks free from his shackles within the jungle. No longer tormented by an endless cycle of bestowing a buff onto the team that manages to strike him down, he’s ready to join the war.

SMITE - Surtr, The Fire Giant | Year 10 God Cinematic

Surtr will release in the ‘first update of Year 10’, alluding to the release of the Season of Monsters. This means we can expect to see him join quite soon, nearing the end of January. Keep your eyes peeled for his official God Reveal video which will show his class. Purely judging by the looks of his in-game size, he’ll likely be a Guardian or a Warrior.

God Line-Up

The God line-up for 2023 has also been teased. This comes in the form of a short cinematic filled with animated graphics that display the themes of various upcoming Gods. It’s difficult to say for sure which Gods these graphics indicate, as they’re mere hints, but players are already theorising over on the SMITE Reddit.

That just about wraps it all up. Look forward to the changes coming shortly that’ll shake up SMITE Season 10, or Year 10, as I should say now.

SMITE - Year 10 Keynote & 2023 Announcements

SOURCE: Official SMITE YouTube Channel

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