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SMITE Reveals… The Lore Lady?

The SMITE Lore Lady has been revealed in a new video uploaded to the game's YouTube channel. We finally have a face and a name to put with the iconic voice that has told us countless tales and stories of the various Gods as old as time itself.

SMITE Reveals... The Lore Lady

SMITE is known for its God reveal videos. One is published to the game’s official YouTube channel each time a God is soon to arrive on the Battleground of the Gods. We get an in-depth look at the God’s abilities and their backstory. This time, however, it’s not a God being revealed. No, it’s the SMITE Lore Lady herself. That omnipresent voice finally has a face.

Having voiced the God Reveal videos for over a decade now, Suehyla El-Attar Young is our Lore Lady. She’s been with us since the beta, in 2012. There was a point at which the developers decided to try a different approach with its God reveal videos. Instead of a short, stylised animation playing while Lore Lady fed us that God’s lore, a CGI animation would play, instead. This came at the cost of losing the voice-over. Fans quickly rallied together in order to fight and bring their beloved Lore Lady back, and so, she returned.

Ever since then, the SMITE Lore Lady has continued to be in each God reveal video, telling us the countless tales of the various Gods introduced over the years. Sometimes, she’s even used in April Fool’s jokes. Now, it’s clear that she’ll continue to appear, hopefully for as long as the game exists.

If you haven’t already tried out SMITE, it’s completely free and available on all major platforms.

SMITE - Let's Meet The Lore Lady

SOURCE: Official SMITE YouTube Channel

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