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SMITE Reveals Surtr, The Fire Giant

Surtr, The Fire Giant will break free in SMITE very soon. With self-sustain, the ability to summon fiery imps at will and his high AoE damage potential, his brawler playstyle will no doubt erupt and change up the game in the Season of Monsters, arriving shortly.

SMITE Reveals Surtr, The Fire Giant

After many years bound by chains, Surtr, The Fire Giant will soon be breaking free, and onto the Battleground of the Gods. Surtr will be the first God to release in Season of Monsters, the first season of four in Year 10. As one of SMITE‘s most iconic characters, having been in the game as a Jungle Boss for many years, fans are eager to witness his true arrival.

Surtr, in SMITE, will be a warrior with great sustain and high AoE damage output. He has a way to heal himself upon being hit with his passive, Obsidian Flesh and can summon fiery imps to attack his enemies. From the looks of it, these imps will be quite annoying to deal with. It’s The Fire Giant himself who you should fear, though. He’s able to surge into the sky and fuse into a molten rock before raining down on his opponents as his ultimate ability. You’ll want to keep a close eye on this Norse warrior.

Despite being on the battleground of the Gods for such a long time, Surtr is not an original SMITE character. In Norse mythology, he comes from Muspelheim, a fiery, hellish plain of existence. When Ragnarock, the end times arise, Surtr came forth to battle against the Gods with his blazing sword and indomitable fury. Surtr in SMITE has had enough of the Gods that challenge him. Finally, he’ll break free from his shackles and take on all that is divine, and beyond.

Are you looking forward to seeing Surtr in SMITE? Let us know in the comments down below.

Smite - God Reveal | Surtr, The Fire Giant

SOURCE: Official SMITE YouTube Channel

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