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SMITE Reveals Newest Warrior God: Shiva, The Destroyer

Shiva, The Destroyer is on his way to SMITE. With the ability to shift stances between protection and destruction, his kit will open up opportunities at every moment for his team. While he is set to be a warrior, it does look like his abilities will make him a viable guardian, too.

SMITE Reveals Newest Warrior God Shiva, The Destroyer

Shiva, Hindu God of Destruction and Creation is finally arriving on the battleground of the Gods very soon. Shiva will make his debut in SMITE on February 22nd, as confirmed by the game’s official Twitter account. One of the main deities in Hindu mythology, he is part of the Hindu Trimurti with powers so great, that his role is to destroy the universe in order to re-create it once more.

In SMITE, Shiva is a stance-changing God that transforms in a unique way. Rather than using his ultimate ability to stance change like Hel or Ullr, his passive Samsara is responsible for this switch. He shifts between two stances; Bliss and Destruction. To switch between the two, he must fill up a gauge using attacks and abilities. Depending on which stance he is in, he will either give buffs to his allies or debuffs and damage to enemy Gods.

In his lore, Shiva is a very powerful God. His main goal in existence is to destroy, only to re-create, undoing the mistakes of the past and creating a brand new beginning. Anything with this much power is surely going to be a mighty foe, and in SMITE, he is no exception. With numerous crowd control abilities, damage potential and the capability to act as a protective bulwark for his team, Shiva will surely be a great fit in both the solo/warrior and support/guardian roles.

Season 9 has brought some of the biggest changes to SMITE yet, and Shiva is just the beginning. Read the full patch notes, including balance changes and further details on Shiva’s kit on the game’s website. Take a look at the God reveal below and let us know your thoughts on the game’s latest character.

SMITE - God Reveal: Shiva, The Destroyer

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