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SMITE Reveals Newest God: Atlas, Titan of the Cosmos

Atlas, Titan of the Cosmos will soon arrive in SMITE. His role as a Guardian makes him a great fit for the support role, using his astrolabe to pull in and launch enemies in combination with other Gods will make him a serious threat.

SMITE Reveals Newest God: Atlas, Titan of the Cosmos cover

Atlas, Titan of the Cosmos will soon be arriving in the battleground of the Gods with the Titan of Cosmos update, set to release on December 14th as confirmed by the game’s official Twitter account. While he isn’t necessarily a God per se, he is most definitely a prominent figure in Greek Mythology. He is responsible for holding the heavens on his shoulders for eternity.  In SMITE, Atlas’ crowd control will make him one Titan you won’t want to mess with. Especially not one that wields existence as we know it.

Using his mighty power and the astrolabe that rests upon his shoulders, Atlas will bring a unique moveset to the MOBA. He possesses the ability ‘Gravity Pull’, which allows him to pull enemies in and launch them back out. He can also cleanse his allies of any slows, increase their movement speed as well as lower enemy protections all with ‘Kinetic Charge’, his dash ability. Atlas will be arriving along with new skins, balance changes and more which can be found in the patch notes on SMITE game’s site.

In SMITE lore, Atlas is said to have ‘set his burden aside’ and joined the waging war of Gods. Existence has threatened to cease, caused by the Gods’ foolishness, and so, he can stand on the sidelines no longer. It appears as if he has channelled the heavens and weaponised it to keep with him at all times during his fight.

Move along, Cliodhna. The newest God is in town. Those with the Ultimate God Pack will instantly obtain him upon release, as usual. If you haven’t already downloaded it, give SMITE a go, available now on all major platforms for free.

SMITE - God Reveal: Atlas, Titan of the Cosmos


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