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SMITE Releases Newest God: Yu Huang, The Jade Emperor

Yu Huang has finally arrived in SMITE, and so The Jade Emperor makes his debut today. Bringing with him a unique set of abilities, one of which allows him to take flight using the Pearl Dragon. With his benevolence and wisdom, this God is not one to mess with.

SMITE Releases Newest God: Yu Huang, The Jade Emperor

Today, in SMITE, The Jade Emperor, or Yu Huang is available to play on the battleground of the Gods. A prominent figure in Chinese mythology, this God is responsible for saving humanity and reigning as the supreme monarch. Get ready, Cliodhna, a new royal has arrived.

Yu Huang is a mage that likes to keep his enemies at bay with low cool-downs and hard-hitting abilities. Master Of the Dao is his passive ability, and his kit revolves around this. This mechanic functions much like Cupid’s or Cu Chulainn’s. It is important to look for ways to monitor the gauge of this passive effectively, allowing the player to unleash masses of damage unexpectedly once filled. In SMITE, the Jade Emperor is accompanied by his Pearl Dragon which aids him in multiple abilities. One of which allows him to take flight, becoming invulnerable whenever he wishes.

The Jade Emperor is known in Chinese mythology for striking down the demons who sought to take over the heavens and the Earth. He did this not with his brute strength, but with his knowledge and wisdom. This benevolence, courage and dedication naturally paved the way toward the throne. However, Jade Emperor could watch the Gods clash no longer. The battleground of the Gods is calling, and now, he has arrived.

SMITE - God Reveal - Yu Huang, The Jade Emperor

Download SMITE for free today, and play as the Jade Emperor, available on all major platforms and purchase Yu Huang individually or as part of the Ultimate God Pack.

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