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SMITE Releases Latest God: Maui, Hero of Hawai’i

Maui, Hero of Hawai'i releases today in SMITE. As one of the most renowned Polynesian demigods now on the Battleground of the Gods, he's ready to pull foes, allies, and even entire islands towards him with his manaiakalani hook in hand.

SMITE Releases Latest God Maui, Hero of Hawai'i

Maui, Hero of Hawai’i plunges his way into SMITE today. Along with the 9.10 update, this new God comes with a bunch of fresh skin releases as well as balance changes. Check out the entire changelog on the game’s official website. He’s a drastically different character from the previously most recent Goddess, Ishtar, so be sure to take a look at his God reveal video below.

On the battleground of the Gods, Maui will smite his foes as a magical guardian. With a passive ability that allows him to pull multiple enemies towards him, he’ll be an opponent to be wary of at all times. Not only this, Maui can lasso entire islands from the ground, make a swinging leap towards enemies and save allies from sticky situations. Guardians often have a lot of crowd control, and this demigod is certainly no exception.

Maui comes to SMITE as a prominent figure in Polynesian mythology. A legendary demigod and trickster who is now more widely known thanks to the Disney movie Moana. This brought him to the attention of more western audiences. He is said to have fished up islands for people to inhabit and lassoed the sun to make days longer. It was he who spread the discovery of fire about the land to aid certain islanders’ lives. Now he’s ready to take on the deities themselves.

SMITE - God Reveal | Maui, Hero of Hawai'i

You can download SMITE for free on all major platforms, and purchase Maui today. Those who possess the Ultimate God Pack will receive instant access to him upon release.

SOURCE: Official SMITE Website

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