Smilegate Opens A New AAA Studio In Barcelona

Europe will soon be getting a major new development studio. Smilegate is opening a new AAA studio in Barcelona to help expand it's global footprint. The studio will be working on console experiences and is currently hiring for several new positions to fill it's staff.

Smilegate AAA studio cover

Smilegate, the company behind Crossfire, one of the largest games in the world, has started up a new AAA studio in Barcelona. The upcoming studio is currently sitting at about 20 people but is still hiring for several new positions to strengthen the studio and begin production. 

Smilegate Barcelona will be working on a brand new open-world experience designed specifically for consoles. This is a divergent approach from previous Smilegate titles that have been exclusive to PC and Mobile platforms. While nothing has been shown about the upcoming title, the studio’s logo has been shared which sports the polygonal design shared among Smilegate’s many different branches.

Smilegate Barcelona's logo, shares many similarities with the rest of Smilegate's production arms. Namely the minimalistic polygon design.

Smilegate Barcelona’s logo, shares many similarities with the rest of Smilegate’s production arms. Namely the minimalistic polygon design.

Smilegate CEO, Yongil Kim, gave a few reasons behind the choice to build in Barcelona. He cites the ‘vibrant and lively youth culture’ make a great companion to the ancient city’s history. Barcelona in recent years has experienced a major tech boom and has been accepting of creativity and supportive of new tech endeavors. A combination of sports, tech, and beautiful architecture and locales have helped Barcelona become a European hub.

As open-world games will continue to dominate the video game industry, we are well-positioned to build upon our team’s experience with talent from around the world, and are ready to create a AAA experience from our new studio in Barcelona

Smilegate is a Global Entertainment Group with ties in several entertainment industries. It’s largest franchise, Crossfire, sees about 1 billion players across 80 different countries across the globe. Smilegate is looking to bring Crossfire to western audiences with CrossfireX on the Xbox One. Keengamer’s Carl Jones was able to share his opinions of CrossfireX‘s recent closed beta

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