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Smash Up! launched today on Steam as free-to-play title

Nomad Games Brings Renowned Card Battler Smash Up to Steam. The award winning deck shuffling game is now live on Steam’s Early Access Program!

Smash Up! launched today on Steam as free-to-play title
LYMM, CHESHIRE, ENGLAND – October 12th, 2016:  The battle between the world’s most renowned factions begins now! Today Nomad Games is proud to launch Smash Up on Steam’s Early Access program ahead of the official launch later this year across all platforms (PC, iOS, Android). But wait, there’s more!

Smash Up will be Nomad Games’ first ever Free to Play (F2P) game.

Smash Up is all about the craziness and creativity that comes with all of the many characters it represents. Whether you want to be a zombie, alien, dinosaur, or pretty unicorn, you can go into battle to squash opponents with a laugh (possibly even a maniacal one).  With more factions, new bases, and new features to be added to the game throughout Early Access and beyond launch, Smash Up is a new kind of Shufflebuilding card game that you have to play to believe.

Our very own Zombie Lord was so excited about the launch that he had this to say to fans: “Awwwwwww….rrrrrrgghh…..gurrrrrgusssssshhhhh…..brainnnnssss.”

When translated by our Top Men®, this means: “Get out there and Smash Up those decks, protect your bases, and get ready to fight!”

The Free-to-Play version of Smash Up will be launching with three factions that you can play, build and fight without spending a dime. If you decide you want the full Starter Pack, you can get it at the discounted rate of only £5.99 / $8.99 throughout the Early Access phase.

Players can get in and enjoy the fun that has made this tabletop game so popular with its fans across the globe. Additional factions and bases will be made available for purchase over time. The following factions are announced as free to play, and the other currently announced factions are available as part of a Starter Pack promotion:

Free to Play:

  •          Dinosaurs
  •          Ninjas
  •          Geeks

Starter Pack:

  •          Aliens (Early Access)
  •          Zombies (Early Access)
  •          Pirates (At Launch)
  •          Robots (At Launch)
  •          Wizards (At Launch)
  •          Tricksters (At Launch)

Follow the Zombie Lord on Twitter for all the latest updates @SmashUpDigital.

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