Smash Bros. Ultimate Includes Near Countless Stages And More

Smash Bros. Ultimate is looking to be the most in-depth and massive entry in the franchise to date. This is bolstered by the addition of new stages, assist trophies and much more. Waiting for the December release of the game will be a true test of will for many eager players.

December Can't Come Quick Enough For Smash Bros. Fans!
The most recent Nintendo Direct gave much in the way of information on the upcoming entry to the Super Smash Bros. franchise- Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Multiple new characters were shown off to entice players even more. Alongside this, however, was more info on new stages, items, assist trophies, Pokémon, and many other added features. It's clear Nintendo wants this game to be as massive and deep as possible.

During the stream, series creator Masahiro Sakurai talked about the brand new stages coming to the game alongside a grand total of 103 for players to do battle within. The new stages shown were Dracula's Castle from the Castlevania franchise and also a stage based on New Donk City from Super Mario Odyssey to name a few. Each of these stages have their own separate hazards and styles that evoke the design of the games they hail from. Original to the Castlevania level is the inclusion of Dracula as a boss that will fight with opponents. There was also the inclusion of a Monster Hunter themed stage that included Rathalos as a stage hazardSakurai also stated that each stage would be organized chronologically in the order of their appearance throughout the franchise. There was also the inclusion of a new rule for stages called stage morph. This allows the stage to be set to change into another stage at random or the player's choice through settings. This will add a new layer of challenge to multiplayer matches for those interested.

There were also multiple new assist trophies and Pokémon showed off during the stream that will surely please new and old players alike. Some highlights include the hilarious inclusion of Alolan Exxegutor whose ridiculously large neck can separate the stage and stop certain characters from jumping around or over. There was also gameplay shown with Ditto being added in who can transform into the player that uses it and fight alongside them. New assist trophies include Shovel Knight, Zero of Mega Man fame and Knuckles the Echidna to name a few. Trophies can now be KO'd and can fight each other as well. Finally, Sakurai showed off the main menu of the game and a new music playing feature. Players can listen to the soundtrack titles from the game while their Switch is in handheld mode at anytime akin to an iPod. The main menu resembled a mix of past ones with one option made fuzzy to hide its true purpose. Some fans speculate this to be a returning mode such as Subspace Emissary from Brawl or possibly an entirely new mode to be shown off in a different stream.

It's abundantly clear that Sakurai and his team are hard at work to make this title as much fun for everyone as possible. He may come close to sacrificing his health but hopefully, the assured success of this new entry will allow him to take a much-needed break. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate releases Dec 7th, 2018.

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