Sly Cooper 5 Rumors Hint at September Reveal

The return of Sly Cooper has been heavily rumored for some time. New information has recently been revealed from a well-known insider, that hints at a September 2022 announcement.

Sly Cooper 5 Rumors Hint at September Reveal

The pot of Sly Cooper 5 rumors has thickened as a well-known insider hints at a September 2022 release. Fans were first tipped off about the development of a new Sly Cooper game by Nick Baker, during The XboxEra podcast. Baker has since offered further insight into his original hint from October 2021, telling fans not to expect the sly raccoon to sneak onto screens until late 2022. 

The XboxEra host chose his words carefully while reading the DMs from his PS5 insider, saying that he “wouldn’t expect an announcement of Sly Cooper in June”. Baker has given accurate information about Sucker Punch games in the past, so it is certainly possible he could be right about this one too.  

The XboxEra Podcast | LIVE | Episode 110 - "Greeks Do It Better" with Zalker87

A late 2022 announcement of Sly Cooper 5 backs up earlier rumors we have heard from Twitter user AccountNGT. AccountNGT announced in a since removed tweet, that they had received insider knowledge about the development of a new Sly Cooper game. They then went on to allege that the big reveal would likely take place in a “big showcase planned [for] September”

Nick Baker also offered an answer to the question that had been burning in many fans’ minds. Who would be developing Sly Cooper 5? Sucker Punch – the development team who released the first three games, is rumored to be working on the latest Ghost of Tsushima title. And with Sanzaru who worked on the fourth game moving into Facebook ownership, the spot for development of Sly Cooper 5 has been left wide open.  

The XboxEra host claimed that PixelOpus was developing Sly Cooper 5 in collaboration with Sony Pictures Animation. It has been confirmed in a job posting from PixelOpus that the two are working together on a project using Unreal Engine 5. While it is unclear whether the project in question is Sly Cooper or not, it is a possibility.

Rumors from these reliable sources have certainly stoked the fires of a new Sly Cooper game to be announced in September. And the dates do seem to line up. We did have a PlayStation Showcase last September, and September is also Sly Cooper’s 20th anniversary. What better way to celebrate than by giving fans a new instalment in the series?

Sly Cooper was a PlayStation mascot during his hey-day. And it has been nearly a decade since ‘Thieves in Time’ released on the PS3. So, it is safe to say that a new Sly Cooper game is long overdue. 

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