Silent Hill’s Next Release Will Be a Slot Machine

Have you ever wanted to be scared at a Casino? Well, now you can at least play a Slot Machine based on the game that used to scare you as a child, given how players of the Silent Hill franchise are probable now old enough to gamble.

Silent Hill New IPHorror fans will be able to find a Silent Hill slot machine by Konami. With that being said, regular casino goers might see it also, although they probably won’t even know what it’s supposed to mean. 

As far as the slot machine goes, it will be a tower kind, with three different slots attached to it. It is said that the machine’s shape, paint, decals, sounds and visuals are all based on the popular franchise. The Silent Hill slot machine will be on display at the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas from the 15th to the 17th of October, 2019. 

First reported by, this is the first news we have heard about anything Silent Hill related since 2014’s cancelled Silent Hill Project, in which Kojima was working alongside Guillermo Del Toro. The playable teaser that was released for the said project was a terrifying experience for horror game enthusiasts, beyond Silent Hill fans. 

SIlent Hill Slot Machine

Silent Hill Slot Machine Tower

After the project was ultimately cancelled, the downloaded versions became very coveted, to the point where you can find PlayStation consoles being sold at high prices simply because they managed to download the demo before it was cancelled. 

There hasn’t been any other news about a possible Silent Hill title, other than attempts to bring the PT to the PC, that is. Maybe we can hope for the Silent Hill slot machine to scare us by not draining wallets?

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