Skyfront VR Launches on Steam Early Access

Skyfront VR, the nausea free zero-gravity multiplayer FPS, has been released onto Steam Early Access. The developers, Levity Play, who are based in the European country of Estonia, released the game on the 10th of November 2017 - with Skyfront VR being the first of its kind in the VR market. As of late, virtual reality in the gaming industry, has become a hit, mainly due to advancements in technology, seeing the birth of some great virtual reality hardware - this progression in VR technology is definitely showcased in what we have seen so far of Skyfront VR.

Skyfront VR Launches on Steam Early Access
Over the three days Skyfront VR has been out on Steam Early Access, the games passionate community have taken to the skies to bombard each other with aerial bullets. Since the release of the game, 24,224 kills have been logged (as of now), as well as 265 hours of gameplay over the course of the weekend – thus highlighting the games slow but increasing growth. The Estonian developers, Levity Play, claim that Skyfront VR, does not give players nausea due to the locomotion mechanics it has been established on; many players who have played the game have complimented that this is indeed true is a promise in which the developers have fulfilled.

In addition, handling movement by moving one’s hands, players are treated to 1:1 in-game translation, eliminating the sensory conflict that often occurs with movement using a joystick. This is further combined with large, open arenas and collision dampening on surfaces, to strike a balance between intuitive freedom of movement and tight FPS gameplay.

When constructing the game, the developers used inspiration from classic PC arena shooters, and strive to expand the ever-growing VR market. With the game boasting two beautifully crafted arenas, 'Deathmatch' and 'Team Deathmatch' game modes  five different weapons, five special abilities for turning the tide of battle, and a 'Bot Shootout Practice Mode' at the time of its Early Access launch, Skyfront VR has no shortage of ways to enact skybound supremacy, with new modes, maps and features planned for the coming months.

Additional details regarding the game can be found on the game's webpage or Steam page (where the game currently has 15% off). The Early Access trailer can be viewed below: 

Skyfront VR - Early Access Trailer [2017]