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Skyforge – open beta is here

Skyforge has a lot of interesting mechanics and systems to attract players and change the static world of another MMORPG. And now you can finally test it.
Skyforge - open beta is here

Skyforge – open beta is here

There are not many AAA mmorpg games released per year and this one looks very promising. You can freely download the game (about 10 GB) and play. The game seems to offer many different things to enjoy and below you can find a video from TG10 where it is simply explained in 10 minutes what to expect.

TG10 : Top 10 Features In Skyforge

Of course take a look also at the open beta trailer.

Skyforge - Open Beta Trailer

So what do you think? Try the game right now and let’s hope that it will not become P2W and will remain fair for all of us.