Six Tips for Scoring Higher in Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is an Android and iOS game played by millions. Hacking and slashing fruits has seldom been so much fun! Check out the tips below to give your Fruit Ninja scores a boost.

Six Tips for Scoring Higher in Fruit Ninja
Fruit Ninja is a deliciously fruity points-scoring game for the Android and iOS platforms that’s a lot of fun. The game includes Classic, Arcade and Zen modes for players to rack up higher and higher scores on by slicing through heaps of fruit tossed across a dojo. You can add Fruit Ninja to your mobile or tablet from its Google Play or iTunes pages.
My highest Fruit Ninja score is 1,553 in Arcade Mode. I wasn’t sure if that was a really high score until I had a look at an Android forum where players posted their best Fruit Ninja scores. My record score beats most of the FN scores posted on that forum. Below are a few tips for racking up a 1,500+ score in Fruit Ninja.

Slice Fruits at the top of the Dojo

The best time to slice fruits is usually when they’re at the top of your dojo. Fruits momentarily float when at the top of a dojo before falling down. Thus, that’s the best time to rack up some combos as the fruits are moving a little slower.

Slice With the Autumn Gust Blade

Players unlock the Autumn Gust blade at level 27. That blade generates tornadoes that suck fruits in for a few seconds when you slice pineapples. It’s easy to rack up high combos for higher scores with this blade as it groups fruits together within its tornadoes. The blade’s tornadoes also give you more time to slice fruits, which is crucial to clocking up higher scores in Classic Mode. You’ll need to level up a bit before you can get this blade, but it’s well worth the starfruit.

Select the Great Wave Dojo For Arcade Mode

Players unlock the Great Wave dojo at level 12. That dojo tosses a wave, or line, of fruits up for you to swipe through. Great Wave is ideal for Arcade Mode as you can swipe through a wave of 10 fruits for higher combos and more combo blitzes. Some players claim to have racked up scores above 2,000 in Arcade Mode by selecting the Great Wave dojo in combination with the Ice Blade, which throws up more fruit after you’ve sliced a Freeze Banana.

Six Tips for Scoring Higher in Fruit Ninja: Fruit Ninja Arcade Mode
However, Great Wave isn’t so great for Classic Mode where you can’t afford to miss many fruits. You’ll need to quickly slice at least eight of the 10 fruits the Great Wave throws up to stay in a Classic Mode game. As such, it’s game over in Classic Mode if you miss most of a fruit wave.

Always go for the Bananas in Arcade Mode

Arcade Mode includes three bonus bananas for players to swipe. The banana bonuses are crucial to boosting Arcade Mode scores. The Frenzy Banana throws out a plethora of fruits for a few seconds, and the Freeze Banana slows down the fruits’ movement for a few seconds. Slicing a Frenzy and Freeze Banana at almost the same time is pure gold dust as you can rack up some mega combos when loads of fruits fly across your dojo in slow motion. Just make sure you swipe those bananas!

Drop Fruit to Miss Bombs in Classic Mode

Bombs terminate your Classic Mode games when you swipe them (unless you have Bomb Deflects). So be prepared to a let a fruit go in Classic Mode to ensure you don’t swipe a bomb that’s flying near it. You can afford to let up to two fruits go at once, and remember that you’ll get a new life for every 100 points scored in Classic Mode.

Short Swipe Pomegranates

Pomegranates are fruits you can swipe through multiple times to boost scores. You’ll get more pomegranate hits with short swipes. Also swipe the pomegranates as quickly as you can as they explode and wipe out all other fruits on the dojo.
Those tips will probably boost your Fruit Ninja scores. What’s your highest Fruit Ninja score? Feel free to share your highest scores below.


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    arcade 2888
    since the update i feel like you can’t score as high and i lost stuff from my armoury 😖

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    Classic: 6,608
    I <3 Sensei + Firecracker

    Arcade: 3,096
    Candle Graveyard + Golden Ember

    Zen: 1,329
    King Dragon + Old Glory

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    Very amateurish advice in the post.


    If you want to score a nice score (up to 3500 or according to banana luck), first you need to play the event, and unlock the bat blade. You might need to buy a lot of gold apples or just watch videos and get 5 apples each time and play against the hardest opponent in the event (for speedy result). This can take a couple of hours though (5 6 hours, yeah!). Once done, use the great wave dojo. You can slice ‘evil watermelons’ with the bat blade, and that would draw a line of the slice and each fruit hitting this line will remain sticked to it, and then, bang ! A couple of seconds before this line blows and each fruit upon it will count as ‘critical’. The scenario to try would be the frenzy giving such watermelon and sliced horizontally, so all the frenzy fruits stick there, while you have the double score banana. It sounds complicated, but this is actually very easy.


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